Holocaust Pig

So for the last month I have been in Germany, trying to get my culture on.  Jenks and L even came to visit for a few days. Wonderful. This past weekend I made the trek to Berlin and it was an experience. Seeing the wall, touching it, imagining what it must have felt like to wake up that morning and find out a 12-ft divisor had been erected down the middle of the city in the middle of the night. Families split for decades, hundreds trying to escape, the whole nine #GayMoment. Then TODAY, I watched Schlinder’s List which added a whole new level of mixed emotion and Friday I’m visiting a concentration camp. Needless to say, this is a hugely somber and surreal week for me. So in an attempt to convey the raw emotion I’m experiencing while watching the List, I posted a status on FB. And THIS was Jenks’ contribution….  *SMH*

Clearly a one-track mind, that one.

– Minna


Although this blog will obviously focus more on the insanity of Jenks from the present on, I would like a take a moment to expose one of her past moments of ridiculousness.  Below is a transcript of a short text conversation between Jenks and I on February 13, 2010:

(Background Information: So, I was in my dorm STARVING waiting for my mother to come pick me up. We were heading to my grandmother’s house in Morganton, NC (3 hours away) for her 80th bday celebration the next day. I wanted Bojangles. My mother told me she was coming at 1, then that changed to 3:30pm. Here is our text conversation as it commenced at 3:49pm:)


Mother: We’re on the waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy

Lena: OMGGGGGG. Still dyinggggg. So famished. Feeding on internal body fats. Will be 2 lbs lighter when yall get to meeeee

Mother (SHE IS CRAZY): Good. Will keep your body nice and strong. Dont want you getting too dependent on food and whatnot. Show those fats who’s boss



no wonder my sister and i came out this way.
and she tries to pretend that she’s normal.

-blank stare-




We love to “film” Jenks unawares. She hates it. She will also hate that this is posted on the interwebz.

– Minna

The Muse…

This blog is co-authored by the daughters of JENKS (and why that needed to be all capitalized, please don’t ask me). Our mother is hilariously and foolishly non-traditional. She’s a hoarder, first of all, which is funny enough (miss us with the “hoarding is a serious psychological disorder” blah blah blah…thank you). But by her own admission, we wouldn’t even exist if our father hadn’t wanted kids, and THAT makes for an interesting free-spirited sort of upbringing. She’s enough of a mom to sporadically decide to be in charge (we call that pulling rank) but she’s got one foot just far enough into pop culture to be a comedian unawares (yes, we will also insert random church-related comedy because…well, because she made us go to church 8 days a week and we can’t help it). At any rate, there is no one description that can peg her. And this is much funnier if you actually know Jenks. So let’s start with a little inspiration video…

– Minna